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We help make your move to Canada possible.

Immigration Mart, Vancouver provides consultation, file preparation and client representation to foreign nationals on all immigration needs in Vancouver, British Columbia and the surrounding areas. We are led by a team of highly qualified and regulated immigration consultants, offering immigration services to foreign nationals from all over the world.

Temporary Resident Visas


Whether you are coming to visit your family/friends, to tour the country, or just to get away for a relaxing vacation; Immigration Mart can help you get the right visa that you need for the necessary amount of time that you need it. Give us a call for more information about obtaining a visitor visa from any country in the world.

Student Visas

International students with a dream to study in Canada may be able to make their dreams a reality with the help of our staff at the Immigration Mart. Our immigration consultants can assist you in obtaining a Study Visa to come to Canada and study. Contact our Vancouver immigration office for more information on how to get a study permit.

Additionally, our Vancouver immigration office can help you obtain a work permit which will allow you to work while you study. So if you already have a study permit and you want to work on or off-campus, give us a call to discuss your options for working and studying in Canada.

Not only that but we can assist students who are nearing the end of their studies to obtain a Post-Graduation Work Permit. So whether you are currently a student or planning to become one, the Vancouver immigration office is here to help you.

Work Permits

In addition to work permits for students, Immigration Mart also assists foreign nationals to obtain work permits. There are many options for foreign workers to come to Canada on a temporary basis with a work permit.


We can also assist you with extending your work permit or, if you have a permanent job offer, we can help you apply for Permanent Residence (PR) under one of the many PR programs available.

Additional Temporary Permits

Immigration Mart assists with all kinds of temporary and permanent immigration applications. In addition to the above mentioned visitor visa, student visa, and work permits, we can also help qualified individuals with the following immigration options:

  • Business Visitor Visa

  • Working Holiday Visa

  • Parent and Grandparent Super Visa

  • And more!


Our immigration consultants at the Vancouver immigration office will work hard to prepare your temporary visa application in the best way possible to ensure success. We believe that once you see our beautiful country, you will not want to leave. So our Vancouver immigration office can also assist you to extend your stay or even switch from a temporary immigration option to a permanent one.

Applications for Permanent Residence (PR)

If you are one of the many people looking to stay in Canada permanently, there are many programs for you to choose from. We can assist foreign workers who are looking to obtain permanent resident status in Canada through any of the following immigration options:

  • Skilled Worker Immigration Program

  • Skilled Trades Program

  • Business Immigration Program

  • Canadian Experience Class

  • Investors

  • Family Sponsorships

  • Parent and Grandparent Sponsorships

  • And more!


Call our Vancouver immigration office for more information about any of these immigration options. Whether you are already in Canada working, studying or visiting or if you are looking for the best possible way to get into Canada on a permanent basis, our immigration consultants at the Vancouver immigration office are available to answer your questions and assess your situation. We will go through the details of each of these immigration programs and help you decide which one best suits your needs and qualifications. We can help you pick the right program and then take you through the steps to get your permanent resident status.

Permanent Residence through Sponsorship

Our Vancouver immigration office specializes in cases of sponsorship. Canadian citizens and permanent residents may qualify to sponsor a member of their family to come to Canada from any country in the world. If you qualify to sponsor, you may be able to bring your family to Canada and help them obtain their PR through the sponsorship program.

There are two different types of sponsorship applications. The first is Spousal Sponsorship, a program for Canadians or spouses of Canadians. Vancouver immigration office can assist you in sponsoring your spouse to Canada. The sponsorship of a spouse is a complex process which requires that you prove the genuineness of your relationship with many documents. Although all of the information is available to you online, much of it is unclear and convoluted. Hiring an immigration consultant to aid in your application is a wise choice which could save you a lot of time and money. Our immigration consultants will be honest and up-front with you right from the very first interaction. We will will gladly answer any of your sponsorship questions and evaluate your situation to see whether you qualify as a sponsor and/or PR. Since both the sponsor and the applicant must meet different sets of requirements, it is important to assess both you and your spouse. A skilled and qualified immigration consultant from Immigration Mart will do this for you at no cost so do not hesitate to give us a call today.

If you are a Canadian who wishes to sponsor a family member that is not your spouse, such as a parent or a child, we can assist you in this process as well. Foreign nationals who have family members in Canada who are citizens or permanent residents can also call us, from anywhere in the world, to find out if you qualify to obtain PR status through the sponsorship program. Call today for a free consultation to assess your eligibility and find out whether you are qualified to either sponsor or be sponsored by your family member. And if our consultants determine you to be ineligible for the sponsorship program, we will assist you in finding a different immigration program that may better suit you.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

We assist qualified applicants in every type of Permanent Resident application. Our immigration consultants will always provide you the most up-to-date and relevant information to help you get your PR status in the fastest way possible based on your qualifications. One of the immigration programs available in Vancouver is the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC – PNP). The Provincial Nominee Program is an immigration option available in each of Canada’s provinces; each province has a different set of requirements and categories under which you may apply. Being that we are located in the province of BC., our team at the Vancouver immigration office has a lot of experience in assisting applicants with the BC-PNP.

The BC Provincial Nominee Program may be the best immigration option for you if you are a worker or business person interested in settling in BC. There are two categories available for applicants in this immigration program. Vancouver immigration office consultants can assess your qualifications and tell you which category you could qualify for.

The Strategic Occupations Stream of the BC-PNP could be the ticket to PR for you if you are a skilled worker or hold a degree from a Canadian post-secondary institution. If you are interested in working in B.C. and want to see if this program is a fit for you, call to speak with a consultant who can assess your qualifications and tell you if you meet the basic requirements of the BC-PNP as well as the specific requirements of the Strategic Occupations Stream.

A second category is available for business people and/or investors who are interested in starting a business or investing money in a business in the province of BC. Investors and business people who are interested in applying for PR to Canada should contact to see if you are eligible for the Business Immigrants Stream of the BC-PNP.

If you want to learn more about the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program and get more information about the various streams and categories of this program, call our Vancouver immigration office. With the help of our immigration consultant, you can figure out what you need in order to apply for this program. Keep in mind that there are steps to each PNP; the first step is to get approved as a nominee. Upon this approval, we will assist you in the next step – submitting your application for Permanent Residence. An immigration consultant with stay with you throughout this process and will always be available to assist you, even after you are settled into your new home and life in British Columbia. The BC PNP could be the fastest route to permanent residence for qualified applicants. So if you are a worker or investor with an interest in our province, give us a call today.

In addition to the BC-PNP, we also work with individuals who are interested in other provinces. As previously mentioned, there is a Provincial Nominee Program for each province and each one has its own set of requirements. The team at our Vancouver immigration office is trained not only in BC immigration but all of Canada. So if you are looking to apply for PR in any one of Canada’s other great provinces, call our Vancouver immigration office. We will provide you the information for the PNP that you are interested in and will evaluate your qualifications to see if you are eligible for that particular immigration program. Call today to discover the many options available in the Provincial Nominee Program of your choice.

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At Immigration Mart we understand how complicated and confusing the immigration process can be – after all, this is what we do every day. Whatever your situation, whatever immigration program you wish to apply for, and whatever your ultimate goal may be; we know that a lot of time and money is invested into the immigration process. For this reason, as a team of qualified immigration consultants, we are ready and able to help you no matter what the case. Whether you are already in Canada or are looking for the best way to enter; Immigration Mart can provide you with all the information and tools that you need to get started. We will guide you through each step of your journey and you will never be alone.


Our certified immigration consultants can assist you with all of your Canadian immigration or visa needs. Call us today for answers to any of your Canada Student Visa questions or take our free assessment to see if you qualify to apply for a Canada Student Visa.

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